Special thanks to:

The artist featuring in this publication:
Yelena Barbalich, Emmet Dale, Tamzin Hine,
Claire Hargreaves, Damian Miliszewski, Vicky Dooly, Francis (Brendan) Crosbie, Miss Amy Szostak Special Star, David Barnard, Jeff Dixon, Laura Heider and Daniel Philips.

The art facilitators who worked at Art Compass:
Past: Chris Barrant, Michael Apathy, Luke Savage,
Michael (Boofa) Hobbs
Present: Brooke Dallimore and Marcel Baaijens

The board of trustees and advisors to the board:
Joan barbalich, John Di Stefano, Marcel Baaijens, Jan Dowland, Elizabeth Goodwyn, Sarah Maxey, Peter Dixon.

The primary sponsors of Art Compass:
The Sisters of Compassion

Many others have supported Art Compass over the years, volunteers, cleaners, administrative staff at the Compassion Centre, benefactors, Community Accounting Mentoring Scheme, colleagues working in the industry for other organizations, Arts Access Aotearoa, funding agencies staff, parents of participants etc., etc. Without all your help we would not have been able to come as far as we have.

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