Amy Szostak

Rape, Morten Harket (lead singer from 80’s euro pop sensation A’ha), Edward Moench’s ‘The Scream’, Viking pillagers, Lesbians, Michael Jackson, Sex Slaves! Most artists would find it very difficult to tackle these subjects with such an unsubtle humour.

Amy’s knack for shocking her audience without leaving a nasty taste in the mouth is her gift. Her art is both beautiful and crude, sad and funny, dark and joyous. Fantasy, biography, autobiography and historic tales are layered with humour in the stories and songs she writes and illustrates. Her style is without doubt unique.

She has twice been an IHC/Telecom national finalist. With numerous TV appearances, media attention, her own radio show and a book in progress, she is a star in the making. She is a greatly admired outsider artist who has a following of collectors.

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